Amethyst 3

Byron Johnson-Blanchard · Amethyst 3

Byron Johnson-Blanchard’s Amethyst 3 focuses on the longstanding tradition of improvisation, using songs that range from originals to classic rock and jazz standards as catalysts for spontaneous musical interaction. The trio features some of the Twin Cities’ best improvising musicians who have performed with locally and regionally renown bands such as High & Mighty, New Primitives, and Bookhouse Trio.


Silverback Quartet

Silverback Trio · Silverback Trio | Debut Album

Recorded in November of 2016 at Signaturetone Recording with Adam Tucker at the helm, this debut album beautifully captures the bands’ drive to create cutting edge music. Silverback Trio brings an exciting energy to the Twin Cities jazz scene by fusing high-energy melodies with atmospheric harmonies through composition and improvisation. Each member of the band composes and collaborates with each other to create interesting and engaging melodies and arrangements, making this band very unique. More information at

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